Yad Vashem UK Foundation Gala Dinner 70 years on: Guarding the Memory in an Uncertain World
Monday 2 February 2015

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Guest speaker – Dr Bernd Wollschlaeger – My father, the Nazi

It was when he saw his German parents’ reaction to the Israeli flag at the Munich Olympics and two days later, their reaction when 11 Israeli athletes were murdered, that Bernd Wollschlaeger realised that the glaring lack of knowledge he had of his father’s wartime history was significant. As he spoke quietly to a packed, and completely hushed audience at the Yad Vashem – UK Foundation Gala Dinner on 2nd February, including Rabbi Mirvis, the Chief Rabbi, and Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador, he described the moment he found out that his father was a Nazi war “hero”, whose medal had been pinned on him by Adolf Hitler.  His shock was so great that it would be many years before he could even be in the same room as his father, and the rift never healed. Through close contacts that he had already established with the local Jewish community, he found comfort in Judaism and eventually converted, made Aliyah and served in the Israeli army.  His first visit to Yad Vashem in the 1970’s showed him the importance of presenting and preserving the evidence about the mass murder of the Jews, and he was delighted to support the vital work of the world’s central repository of this evidence.

Trevor Asserson, chairman of the Dinner spoke about the problems of prejudice, bias and omission facing Jews and Israel in the British media and how the work of Yad Vashem, with its world-wide reputation is so crucial in this battle against anti-Semitism.  Arron Ferster, a grandson of a Holocaust survivor made particular mention of the disturbing trend in the media to use Holocaust imagery to describe current events and draw parallels between these events and the Holocaust and  the importance of Yad Vashem’s world-wide educational programmes.

A large amount was raised on the evening to support the work of Yad Vashem , which is only 40% funded by the Israeli government.

For further information contact Yad Vashem UK Foundation or call 020 8359 1146