As there are fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors each year, Yad Vashem faces the challenge of how to meaningfully impart the legacy in the new millennium. In order to meet this challenge, Yad Vashem has constructed a new museum complex using modern, innovative technologies and tools, which will commemorate the Holocaust with depth and meaning for generations to come.

Drawing on memories of the past and our mission of today, Yad Vashem aims to strengthen commitment to Jewish continuity, protect the basic values of humankind and educate future generations.

Declaration of Rememberance

” That the generation to come – the children to be born – may know and should arise and tell their children” – Psalms 78:6

We see education, research and imparting the memory, as essential parts of strengthening the chain linking the generations and in firmly grounding the commitment to the existence of the Jewish people. We commit ourselves to continuing to infuse the memory of the Holocaust with content and meaning. We will do all within our power to extract hope from the pain, and faith from remembrance:

Hope for a world that will live by the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”

Hope for a world that will fulfill the command “Thou shalt not stand by the blood of thy neighbour”

Hope for a world that will inscribe on its banner a struggle against racism and antisemitism in
all its forms

Hope that the perpetual memorial flame will stand as an eternal beacon and as a warning sign
– never again

Faith in the human spirit and in the eternal values of human civilisation

‘The Declaration of Remembrance was signed at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem on September 17th, 2003′||