Dead years1

THE DEAD YEARS by Joseph Schupack 

Joseph Schupack wrote and self-published these memoirs in 1981, at the suggestion of his children. While cathartic, reliving these painful memories was for him a wrenching, emotional experience. The book was written as an act of remembrance and to honour the memory of his family and friends.  

His two sons are grateful to Liesbeth Heenk and Amsterdam Publishers for the opportunity to make their father’s work available to a wider audience and wish to further the project of remembrance of the Holocaust by donating some of the proceeds of The Dead Years to benefit Yad Vashem’s causes, to take effect from 1 July 2017.  

Joseph Schupack writes about his experiences in Nazi-occupied Poland and Germany during the Holocaust. His account of his formative years in the crucible of the murderous oppression and persecution of the Jews by Hitler’s evil empire brings to vivid life the day to day pain, deprivation, hunger, illness and humiliation suffered by the dictator’s designated victims. The suffering of the Jewish people has been trivialized by facile comparisons to other historical tragedies. We need memoirs like these by Schupack to remind us of the nature of the Nazi Holocaust of the middle years of the 20th century, to convey to us their feelings and degradation. 

The author does not spare us details of the fate of his family and friends. Suffering and struggle are brought vividly to life by detailed accounts on the personal level, so that the greater tragedy is embodied in the stories of individuals.

 Schupack’s voice throughout is that of a clear-thinking young person who espouses high ideals and humanitarian values in the face of evil. He achieves an astonishing level of objectivity in recounting his trials and tribulations and causes us to marvel at the depth of his recollection in paradoxically bringing these dark events to life.

To buy click here. The Dead Years – Holocaust Memoirs has been published by Amsterdam Publishers in The Netherlands (ISBN 978-9492371164). Available as paperback and as Kindle ebook on Amazon.


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