The Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos

The Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos During the Holocaust                                             
Editor-in-Chief: Guy Miron; Co-editor: Shlomit Shulhani                                            
(2009) ISBN: 965-308-345-5, Cat. No. 3455 Two Volumes + DVD                                            

This pioneering project gathers data from research studies, historical information, testimonies and documents dealing with more than 1,100 ghettos throughout mainly Eastern Europe. It reflects the differences between each ghetto and reveals the radical changes in Jewish communal and individual life. Those changes are examined from various perspectives of daily life, coping strategies and the different forms of resistance.

The entries include the location, wartime name and geographical coordinates of each ghetto, no matter what its size or duration; and, for the larger ghettos, informational sections on the following: Pre-World War II;‎ Soviet occupation; German (Nazi) occupation; ghetto setup; ghetto institutions and internal life; murder, terror and killing operations of ghetto inhabitants; underground and resistance; and number of survivors at liberation.